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Basic Airway Workshop

Airway management is the single most important skill required of individuals involved in the management of patients. The ability to provide initial airway management and ventilation is a skill set necessary for practice in medicine, critical care, emergency room medicine, surgery and anesthesiology.

‘Currently there are gaps between what medical trainees are taught, what providers practice and what experts think’ – Let us bridge the gaps.

This module of the curriculum is designed to train personnel in the recognition and management of hypoxia and reduce the work of breathing.





  • Review basic airway equipment
  • Airway Anatomy
  • Ability to restore airway patency by using Nasopharyngeal /Oropharyngeal airway: indications, sizing and placement.
  • Bag-valve device: assembly and connecting to O2 source
  • Ventilation Methods: Ambu/Face Mask/Mouth to Mouth


  • Basics: TV/Flow rates/Fio2
  • Oxygen Delivery Devices
  • Low Flow Devices: Nasal Canula, Simple Face Mask, Partial Rebreather, Non Rebreather
  • High Flow Devices: Venturi