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Family and Friends CPR

The goal of the AHA certified Family and Friends CPR course is to teach an individual how to provide CPR in an emergency and how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).
At any point in time, anyone can have a sudden cardiac arrest. This includes your neighbors, friends, and family.
The AHA’s CPR course prepares individuals to recognize and respond to sudden cardiac arrest situations, give high-quality chest compressions (CPR), deliver appropriate ventilations and provide early use of an AED promptly until the patient can be given complete medical care at a hospital.
By learning these skills, you can increase the chances of survival of an individual. You can make a difference. You can help save a life.

  • One Day Course
  • Original AHA Study Material Provided
  • AHA Certificate and E-card Provided
  • Certification Valid for 2 years


Anyone who wishes to learn how to provide CPR and use an AED to give victims of cardiac arrest the best chance of survival should take this course.
Medical emergencies may strike at any moment in our surroundings. Whether it is our family or society, it is our duty to help fellow individuals and provide appropriate care until trained medical help arrives on the scene.


  • Adult CPR and AED: Hands-Only CPR and CPR with Breaths
  • Choking in adults
  • Child CPR and AED: Compressions and Breaths
  • Choking in Children
  • Infant CPR and AED: Compressions and Breaths
  • Choking in infants



The AHA’s Family and Friends CPR course is delivered by highly experienced emergency physicians, intensivists and doctors who are certified instructors of the American Heart Association.
They deliver both the cognitive portion of training and the psychomotor component of thorough skills practice and testing in a classroom setting using simulated situations and state of the art equipment.