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ABG/NIV Workshop

This workshop explores clinical scenarios to develop skills & strategies to enhance clinical practice in NIV and ABG.

ABG tells us a lot about the pathology and plays and important part in the decision making while providing care during an emergency. A thorough understanding of the principles of acid base equilibrium not only help us make prompt decisions but shall also clear the malpractices associated with Acid base disturbance.

NIV is a form of positive pressure ventilation which assists the patient in breathing adequately. Because it is non invasive, and easily accessible, it is widely used and acknowledged. However, understanding principles of ventilation and modes of NIV becomes utmost important especially as emergency healthcare provider.


4 hours


  • All Medical / Nursing professionals


Course Content:

  • Lecture on Basics of ABG
  • Lecture on Basics of NIV - Modes
  • ABG case scenarios and practical approach
  • Introduction to Ventilator Machine and Controls
  • Case Scenarios



Physicians, Anaesthesiologist and Respiratory Therapist.